The Peace of the Lord be with You!!!!

Welcome to our online Christian community , we are group of friends from all around the world united in the Love of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It all started on March 2011 when we felt the need to be united globally with a 72 Hours Prayer Marathon, more then 20 countries took part at it, covering many times zones and thousands of miles. People from different languages , cultures, backgrounds and ages all linked by the only and true love that comes from our Saviour Jesus.

Why a Marathon and why the 72 hours?

In sport is a long distance running event instituted in memory of a Greek messenger sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persian had been defeated. Just after the battle he ran the entire distance without stopping and shouting ‘’ We Have Won’’!!! With his example we also want to acclaim the Lord and with our open heart shout ‘’ In Jesus we win’’, for 72 hours we will continuously pray and intercede for all our intentions. As Jesus is Risen after 72 hours , we will have our prayer journey to be finally fulfilled with His love in communion with many other brothers and sisters around the world.

How to join our prayer?

In certain times of the year we will organize our 3 days marathon, you can simply register yourself at JOIN FOR PRAY ( choosing at least 1 hour in the 3 days). Or if you would like to write an intention: ADD PRAYER INTENTION.

Meanwhile in our community we do pray daily, so even if there is not scheduled Marathon you are very welcome to send us your availability to pray daily on a requested date and your name will be shown on the: PRAYER TIMELINE.

This website is an act of faith and love for our God Jesus, please keep this project in your prayers, We will soon add some more articles, testimonies and devotions from all around the world. Please feel free to send suggestions, experiences and articles to : info@72hoursforjesus.org.

May the Peace of God be with you always!!! Thanks for your visit and let-s all be good example of God’s love always!!!